About A. Hari Babu and the Creative Inn Team

So who are the outstanding essences who are behind Creative Inn Events and Exhibitions who go beyond the line, every single time?
Mr Hari Babu- The founder and CEO of Creative Inn was initially associated to the world of corporate. Even after spending a lot of his years in the corporate, irrespective of his achievements and success in the corporate world he was still not satisfied and was searching for something that would take him beyond, that’s when, he finally found his calling in the world of Events, Exhibitions and Entertainment and since then he has never looked back. In ten odd years, Hari has executed a number of events and exhibitions across South India that has fetched him encomiums, praises and rewards. With exceptional hard work, management, executing and leadership skills, he is a 5’9 power packed dynamic dynamite all geared up, with his team of competent professionals to make any event or exhibition a grand success settling for nothing less than the best.
If this implies that Hari and his team have to surge beyond boundaries and go that extra mile, why not?
-- Mr. HARI BABU --
Founder & CEO